Polo T- shirts for Men’s

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Men's polo shirts are one of the leading clothing items in fashion right now. This shirt has come a long way since the days of polo’s being solely worn for polo players at prestigious sports clubs.

Along with jeans, these shirts have evolved over time and do not only follow trends but set them. Nowadays, you will see people wearing this item of clothing on nights out to the local pub, at the work office and at a local sports event. There are various types of polo t-shirts available online in India.

Since the 1800s when the polo shirt was first worn in society they have not changed significantly. They still adhere to their core values. In recent decades they have altered slightly to adapt to the changing times.

Fashion is an ever-changing environment and men's polo shirts have successfully adapted to these changes. The colors and styles are so varied now that there is certain to be the ideal one for every individual.

Their versatility has sustained its' popularity throughout the decades. They are smart enough to be worn in offices, with a more relaxed dress code, and casual enough to be worn to go out shopping. There is rarely a time when wearing one of these items of clothing would be deemed as inappropriate.

Men's polo shirts were first invented in the 19th century by polo players, however, nowadays they are synonymous with Tennis and Golf. Tennis players started wearing them in the 1930s which in turn led to their introduction to the wider public through mass marketing.

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