Process Of Measuring Paint Thickness

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The process of measuring a paint thickness isn’t easy. But if you will follow these simple instructions, you will able to make your work, so, much easier. Here are the instructions to measure paint thickness:

Things you will Need:

1. Paint thickness meter(For instance: The MProbe System tool)

2. Vehicle


1) Scan the directions provided by the manufacturer for your paint thickness meter. Every model varies; therefore it's necessary to become conversant in your meter. 

2) Examine the vehicle for variations and variations in color, gloss and texture. Take a look at any space that seems to diverge from the encompassing areas. 

3) Hunt for the extraordinarily tiny droplets of paint that signify overspray. This can usually air the accessories, windows and fender wells, and are caused by the painter not tape recording the automobile properly before painting. 

4) Investigate arras of the automobile that are typically subject to break from accidents, like the bumpers, fenders and facet doors. Though tiny dents don't essentially mean that major injury has been done to the vehicle, they will be a sign that there has been injury. 

5) Press your paint thickness meter against any of the areas of the automobile that appear suspect. The meter can give a reading. If it's a lot of or a hundred twenty five microns, you will wish to raise questions about what happened to the vehicle.


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