Providing Custom Business Trophy at Your Next Awards Banquet

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Custom Trophy is one of the best types of rewards you can give an employee to work very well.They're unique, stand the test of time, and aren't eaten within minutes. Unlike watches, rings, or a lapel pin, jaw-dropping custom trophies can be displayed anywhere, regardless of fashion or decoration.

Providing Custom Business Trophy at Your Next Awards Banquet

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Many companies give rewards in the form of t-shirts, sweatshirts or ball cap. Some people might appreciate the gesture, but never wear items because they do not like it or feel it's just another form of advertising.

Custom Business Cup

You will, of course, want your custom business trophies to include your business logo and tag line as possible. Be sure to leave room for the name, the date of the employee, and why they received their awards.

Design Your Own

Custom trophy makers allow their customers to create unique pieces that stand apart from others. No other mementos in the world will be the same. Your employees will feel that they have received something that should be respected; something unique that they can display with pride.

Personalization is key

No matter if you are planning to present a custom trophy or plaque, personalization is a key element. Make sure all names are spelled correctly, and all other information is correct before handing the award to the recipient.

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