Real foods contain antioxidants

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Real foods contain a lot of polyphenols. In other words, you can say that real foods contain a lot of antioxidants. There is no doubt about the fact that antioxidants are excellent to lose the weight.

Green tea, coffee, black tea, broccoli, spinach and many other real foods contain a lot of antioxidants that are very good for the weight loss. Hence, you must include the antioxidants in your 3 week diet meal plan so that you can lose weight quickly.

Many studies have already revealed that antioxidants burn the fats. In one study, some people ate the foods that were full of antioxidants and the other group ate the foods that were containing low antioxidants.

The result was that the first group of people lost more weight than the second group. Therefore, you must increase the number of antioxidants in your foods.

All the experts believe that antioxidants play a pivotal role to increase the metabolic rate. Green tea, black tea and coffee are always recommended to lose the weight. You must include these foods in your diet so that you can increase your metabolic rate.

You must eat all the natural foods so that you eat a lot of polyphenols that will eventually help you lose weight.

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