Reasons for Buying a Condominium

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Reasons behind Buying a Condominium

1) A cheap alternative to houses.

I've just listed and sold a 700 sq ft bi-level home which received 11 offers and sold for well over one hundred dollar, 000. No garage, no appliances included anything extravagant, a good house with a few upgrades. By comparison, there is an 1100 ft condominium, with central air and key furnace, in suite laundry and all appliances that promote for approx. $165, 000. For First Time Customers, who will be sick of the bidding wars, this is a fantastic alternative. You can also consider luxurious condominium in Madison Square Park.

2) Way of life

Do you like to travel? Or perhaps you're both working full time and looking after the house and yard is a chore you simply don't have coming back? A Condo gives simple 'lock-up-and-go' lifestyle. In many cases, your neighbors won't even know you're gone unless you let them know.

3) No Yardwork

Getting tired of scooping all winter, and mowing and trimming all summer? Is house and yard maintenance weighing you down, or simply getting away from you? Within a Condominium, you don't have to lift a finger. Walks are shoveled off, grass is cut, rubbish is picked up and halls and common grounds are cleaned and managed. Just enjoy.

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