Samsung new Galaxy Tab E tablet pc with Actions processor

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Last week, we have already reported the news about new Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet pc. It looks quite similar to Galaxy Tab A. But its price is cheaper, and performance is not high as well. As we know, most Samsung tablets adopt its own processors, Exynos series. But this Samsung Galaxy Tab E chooses Actions SC7730SE CPU. It is one quad core processor based on ARM Cortex A7 framework. Frequency is only 1.3GHz. Its performance is not high. 

This Galaxy Tab E owns one 9.6 inch TFT LCD display. Resolution is 1280*800 pixels. RAM is 1.5GB, and flash memory is 8GB. But users can load one TF card to extend memory space. The operation system is Android 4.4. The total weight is 490g, and thickness is only 8.5mm. There is one 5000Mah removable battery. Battery life is about 6 hours. Unit can support Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0

Now, its Wifi edition is for sale in Taiwan, its price is about 230 US dollars. It will have one 3G or 4G LTE edition which will be available in near future. But its price is unknown for now. 

Considering its configuration, its price is very high. Now, many octa core tablets pc from China is just about 200 US dollars. Adding on the low performance CPU from Actions, it may not meed the demand from buyers. 

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