Selecting the Right Entertainment for Your Special Occasion

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When planning a destination wedding, many couples are focused on endless dresses, food, flowers, photos, and other details, but they often overlook the importance of entertainment. While all the elements that make a perfect wedding day are important, it is entertainment at the reception that ultimately has the greatest impact on the pleasure of you and your guests on that day.

Erie disco jockey services is a good choice for wedding reception entertainment because of their ability to accommodate a variety of musical styles and their relative affordability.

Your guests will hardly remember what they have for dinner but will remember if they have fun dancing or socializing or leaving early because entertainment is terrible.

Live music and a stage full of musicians add an element of energy to marriages that don't match DJs. The right band also adds an aura of style and sophistication. But there are some disadvantages to hiring a band for your wedding day.

Bands are usually more expensive than DJs because of the number of people involved and the costs associated with parking, eating, etc.

The main limitation of live music is the band's ability to play a variety of music enough to please all your guests. Bands usually have a certain style of music that they master and not much different outside of it.

Many bands will be able to accommodate a number of special requests but they will not have the flexibility to handle various styles and requests for music.  

Note that this is the average price and may be higher depending on which company you choose and any additional options you can add such as additional lighting, a larger sound system, etc.

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