Should You Hire a Security Company or an In-House Security Team

  • November 19, 2017
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Will Using Services of Security Companies in Toronto be More Advantageous Than Creating an In-House Team?

If you want to improve security within your organization then there are two options open for you, either create an internal team of security experts or contact security companies in Toronto for this purpose. So, which one would be the better option to select? Let us explore advantages as well as disadvantages of both in the following sections.

Contact Security Companies in Toronto or Create In-House Team?

Let us first delve into advantages and disadvantages of building an in-house team.

In-house Security Team

security companies in Toronto• Your firm can achieve improved autonomy while selecting security personnel.
• You can develop a better idea about personality differences that may arise between you and the security staff to be hired by interviewing them in person.
• It is often a very tedious task to hire a competent security personnel.
• You will have to take up the responsibility of creating as well as distributing advertisements for the post.
• It will also be necessary to review all applications, finalize applicants to be called for interview and then conduct interviews.
• Another important thing you will have to do is verify references as well as take up background screening.
• It will be your responsibility to carry out job orientation for people joining your organization.
• Go through the whole process if anyone from the team leaves the job.
• Bring about changes in liability insurance and worker's compensation so that policy can be added for the new employees, which in turn will increase your expenses.
• Your expenditures will be further increased since you will have to pay employee benefits and take care of tax obligations.

Utilize Services of Security Companies in Toronto

Similar to having an in-house team, there are advantages and disadvantages of using services of security companies in Toronto. Let us check the details here.
• As an owner of a company, you will have very less liability to bear due to the fact that security company you will be working with will have liability insurance for its employees.
• Your expenditure will also be less as salaries are not to be paid and there will be no concern regarding payroll taxes. Moreover, you will not have to worry about training for security staff or payment of benefits to them.
• Security companies in Toronto have required expertise to train security staff in right manner and such expertise will be better than training you will be able to provide.
• You will have the flexibility of replacing any security staff who is not performing as required. As such, you will not have to bother about things like severance pay.
• You will lack complete control since security staff will be following instructions provided by the parent company.
• In case, you are working with a security firm that has less experience then you might not get a very high standard of professionalism.

In Conclusion

As we can see, the advantages of using services of security companies in Toronto easily outweigh the advantages you will have by creating an in-house team.
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