Simple and Fun Activities for Children

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Child under age of five likes to get entertained. Of course there are lots of entertaining things like Legos, trains, and dolls for girls, all of which are very fun and of course, there are places. There are many childcare for children which provides all these following fun activities.

Here are some of my children's favorites -

Roll down the hill

It does not require preparation and is very pleasant. The bigger the hill, the better! Children who are younger and not very adventurous can start a little lower. Wear comfortable clothes, vary your hill and have a ball. Children love it when adults join, so fathers and mothers get involved. Note: Do a quick dog poop check first!

Observing clouds

Find comfortable places, such as grass, trampolines, relaxing beaches and watch the clouds. Find tigers, whales, trains and other shapes. Use your imagination!

Insect spots

This is great for doing your own backyard or further away. Look for various types of insects. Talk where they can, what might be safe and what isn't. Look under the rocks, in the bushes, and on the fence. When you start to look amazed at what you can find.


Only small vegetable pots or plots are needed. Let the children decide what they want to grow and this can even encourage them to eat their vegetables. Involve them in the whole process, from planting to watering and harvesting.

With all these activities, make sure children wear comfortable clothes – usually comfortable that you don't mind getting dirty.

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