Singapore Company Registration – Step by Step Guide

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There are some steps to setup a Singapore company. This may take a short time to achieve. However, once done, there are things to consider too. You should do a few things before you begin business in Singapore.

  • Obtaining License: -  Your business may require a license before you can begin. Yet, not all companies will need to have licenses to work. In fact, the larger part of people that consider the setup of a Singapore company will not require a license.
  • Bank Account: - Obtaining a bank account is an essential step to take after your Singapore company setup. It will make it less demanding to pay charges and receive payments from customers and clients if you have a Singapore bank account. It also offers with things like record keeping.
  • Work Permit: - It might be important to apply for work licenses. If you are bringing staff or workers with you, it is your responsibility to get business passes. Keep in mind that life partners and children will require dependent passes too.
  • Marketing Supplies And Material: - Remember about supplies for marketing your business. You will need to set up a business site as soon as possible. It is a good time to have deals things like brochures and business cards printed up, too.

These are some steps that help you to register a company in Singapore. For more information you can search on the internet.

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