Tents – The Ever-Useful Temporary Structure

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When you hear someone specifying army tents, you may immediately think of all kinds of camping. However, tents are used for many other purposes every day around the world.

Some are temporary or permanent, others provide special spaces for special events, and some tents can easily add to the living space and amenities of an outdoor home with the best quality and at a competitive price.

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Tents were used in almost every part of the world for most of recorded history. Asian nomadic tribes live in round tents as this design helps the structure withstand extreme conditions and strong winds. The lightweight and easy deconstruction of the tent makes it easy for tribes to move to new countries if necessary.

Even today, some people build permanent tented houses. Many tent dwellers enjoy the small ecological trail that the tent leaves. Yurts, carpets, and other types of tents are easy to make and rely on renewable resources for their materials.

You can easily use alternative energy sources such as solar energy, which is more difficult to do in traditional framed homes. Soldiers around the world have used tents to accommodate soldiers. They are easy to install, quick to disassemble, and do not require much effort to move to a new location.

Semi-permanent military tents are used to accommodate soldiers in the battle area. They are more complex than camping tents. Some military tents have an air conditioning system and enough room for several people to move around comfortably.

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