The Absolute Best Juicing Recipes For Beginners

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When you first start juicing, it's hard to start in on juices that lay heavy of the vegetables, but green juice has it's benefits. With these two recipes, we'll be starting you out slow, using greens that hide well behind small amounts of fruit and fruit that sweetens the juice enough that it's drinkable even for a beginner. These are great juices for detox as well, if that's something you want to try. The best juicing recipes for beginners will have a balance of different vitamins and minerals as well as some benefit they provide you outside of the obvious nutrition. This will build you an arsenal of juices for when you need extra help with skin, digestion, or other upsets.


Veggie Slammer

1 green apple

1 inch knob ginger – grated

5 large stalks celery

A handful of wheat grass

1 cucumber

1 large handful parsley

5 stalks kale

Run all of these through your juicer. It will have a heavy vegetable taste. If you can't handle that, add a couple of tomatoes or cut the strength with some green tea. Best served cold.


Easy Green

1 large pear

1 apple

1 cup pineapple, cubed

4 large stalks kale

1 cucumber

Process through your juicer and enjoy.

Notice: Please do not start a pattern of just a handful of fruits and veggies. You need a variety of fruits and veggies to gain the maximum benefits possible from juicing.

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