The Benefits Of Bike Exercise

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Exercise is very good for keeping fit and healthy, and it is an important part of any weight loss plan, along with a review of your diet. Walking is the kind of exercise, also with good reason, but bicycle exercise retains the majority of the benefits of walking without the stress on ankle and knee joints.

You can exercise inside your house on a static machine, which is perfect for catching up on your favorite TV program, or you may do the real thing outdoors, which provides you the benefit of clean air and sun in addition to your exercise – unless it is raining of course!

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Benefits Of Bike Exercise

    Simple to do

    Low price

    Inside or outside

    Good for knee Joints

    No special area needed besides the road – or your flooring.

    Outstanding cardiovascular exercise

    Calorie Burn

    Tones muscle, especially legs

    Low impact, less Prospect of injury

The calorie burning benefits of bicycle exercise are well researched, but the overall calories burned are dependent upon the duration, intensity, and frequency of exercise, and your own weight – the more you weigh, the harder you work so as to propel yourself forward.

When you believe that it takes a calorie burn of 3500 to lose one pound of body fat, then you can see how regular bike exercise can help dramatically in your goal to shed weight. The key is consistency, even if you cycle for half an hour, five days a week you can lose half a pound in a week.

Now, this might not seem like much but throughout the course of a year which could add up to a total loss of 25 pounds, only through biking alone! That is the reason it's important to be consistent.

Cycling can be performed solo or as part of a group. Their lots of cycling clubs all over the country and they are a fine atmosphere for making new friends who share your interest. Obviously, cycling performed be achieved as a member of a fitness regular, but the real strength of this activity is that it can be done virtually anywhere.

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