The Crucial Role of Smoke Seals in a Fire Emergency

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People are scared of fire because it causes injuries to people and damage to properties. What they fear most is the fact that a fire can cause death. But do you know that the fire is not the actual cause of casualties? You can visit here to get more idea about the hypnotherapy Melbourne.


Most of the deaths caused by fire accidents are actually not from burning but from inhalation of poisonous smoke! With this information in mind, you would realize the grave importance of fire safety devices that would prevent smoke from spreading all over the place during a fire emergency. Smoke seals are the just the device you are looking for.

Smoke seals and intumescent strips contain substances that expand when exposed to heat. They increase in volume but not in density to provide a fire-proof smoke barrier when there is sudden rise in temperature as a result of a fire outbreak.

If you decide to buy a smoke seal for your home or office, you have to remember that intumescent come in two types: soft char intumescent and hard expanding intumescent. The first one produces a light char or ash that does not conduct heat.

On the other hand, the hard expanding type, which is mixed with graphite or sodium silicates, consists of products that expand rapidly to fill up openings, gaps, and holes. This is the kind of intumescent utilized in door seals.

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