The Importance Of Emergency Spill Response Procedures

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Working with chemicals involves several hazards in the workplace that must be overcome to ensure employee safety. There is no point in waiting for a chemical spill before making a spill plan.

Emergency measures can help focus personnel on the actions needed to respond to spills. It is important to have chemical spill training to get safe environment near you. They are also a useful tool for educating employees about the dangers of their location and expectations.

Here are a few thoughts to consider when developing your own emergency response.

1. Stay up to date with chemicals on the site

Each chemical is equipped with a safety data sheet that explains the nature and danger of the chemical.

Whenever new chemicals are introduced on the website, relevant information must be collected and passed on to everyone who can come in contact with it. Spill response procedures and equipment may need to be updated to respond to new risks appropriately.

2. Prepare your plan first

There is no substitute for thorough preparation for spills. This can be a risk assessment to identify the main risks of site spills. The result of the risk assessment process is the installation of a spill response kit in the most vulnerable areas.

3. Train your people

Trained people can distinguish between small incidents on the spot or large incidents that cause significant environmental damage. Carry out employee training programs and even conduct emergency training to ensure everyone knows their role in an emergency.

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