The many reasons why stanchions are important to us!

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Stanchions are used for many different purposes, including crowd control & queuing. Many different places use stanchions including banks, stores, hotels, museums, restaurants, concert venues, trade shows & other events. For the best guidance, have knowledge as well as experience

The different uses of crowd control tools:

  • Portable posts used to manage lines and queues
  • Fixed post with decorative ropes, custom printed belts, or metal wires
  • Retractable belt stanchions, often are used often at airports with a slow retraction mechanism
  • They are used around construction sites to mark hazardous sections
  • Retracting belt barriers that are affixed to traffic cones with reflective print
  • Vertical support for chains or ropes, as on yachts that are supported by stanchions
  • Metal mounts that are securing the headrest to the seats in your cars
  • The upright part of a frame around a windscreen (a pillar)
  • The two upper members of a suspension bicycle fork that connects to the crown
  • Take a bridge the pillar and the metal wires attached to them are also a part of why posts and ropes are essential.

Anything that holds and supports something is probably a stanchion. They are a big part of our everyday life and we rely on them for safety and functioning. Stanchions are most desired by business owners and other people who would need to endure the force of kind.