The New Age of Plastic Traffic Control Cones

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Traffic cones are the next big thing in crowd control. There have been several new advancements being made in an ever plastic cone world with the traditional belt stanchion.

The Plastic Traffic Cones

For years now traffic cones have remained unchanged, except for a few minor changes that have been made in the color and style. A standard traffic cone has been the staple of modern traffic control. You may possibly see them at work sites, accident zones, basically anywhere traffic needs to be alerted of an obstruction in the way or spots that they could cause potential harm to traffic.

The Game Changer Improves Plastic Traffic Belt Cones

But as of now there is a new player slowly eating away the old stanchions, they’re somewhat like the plastic cone stanchions only this type they’ve got belts attached to them with reflective lines, that glow at night. These stanchions can be visible from quite a distance as the rope adds an extra pair of warning signals to oncoming traffic. There are many industry leaders who have deep knowledge such as, etc.

These stanchions are retreating from traditional post based cones, and they do not rely on tubes, and could also be used on the top of other types of bases if you would like to tinker with the design a bit.

They are equally as good as the cone stanchions and are quite economical as well.