The Purpose of Art – Prints Vs Originals

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Have you ever wondered what the purpose of art is? What has prompted individuals throughout history to deliberately arrange elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions? Unsurprisingly, there is no single answer to these questions.

The various reasons for the creation of art can be classified into non-motivated and motivating reasons. Non-motivated purposes of art can be described as those that go beyond the individual. You can purchase portfolio of contemporary art and modern art prints online via

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The belief here is that art is essential to being human, as art is creativity, and creativity is something humans yearn for by nature. These purposes include the basic human instinct for harmony, experience of the mysterious, expression of the imagination, and universal communication.

Motivated purposes of art suggest that art is an intentional and conscious activity performed by the artist or creator. The motivation of the artist can come through a desire for political change, to express opinions on specific aspects of the community, to put across a particular emotion or mood, for commercial purposes, or simply as a means of communication.

The role of art in the history mentioned above is not always mutually exclusive. One of the fundamental problems facing the post-modern art (after 1970) is that the world is becoming more rational, practical, and market-driven.

When looking to buy a piece of art you will have to decide whether to seek an art gallery for the original pieces of art or prints. There are many advantages to both types of art. 

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