The Skill of Making Sushi

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Sushi is one of those dishes that you love or you hate. It is an acquired taste that many people around the world have acquired. It a very popular dish in all countries. You can check out the poke shop to get more information regarding the sushi.

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Making sushi is also considered an art. Here are several types of sushi.

Maki consists of fish or seafood wrapped in a nori roll or algae. It has two variants, Hosamaki and Futomaki. Hosomaki is a thin type of maki that has only one type of filling. It can be seafood, fish or vegetable type. Futomaki maki is a type of fat that has 2 or more types of toppings.

Nigiri Sushi is more popular. It is shaped by the use of hands. It includes slices of seafood, Tamago, raw fish or other toppings. Then wasabi is placed between two slices and a piece the size of vinegared rice inch or Shari. In Japanese customs, you have these couples as a sign of harmony and peace.

Uramaki is similar to maki, however, rice is placed over the nori instead of inside. It consists of more than 2 pads. Sometimes it is topped with a thin slice of avocado or fish. This is most popular in Western Sushi bars.

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