The Thai Silk for Everyone

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Thai silk has a great international reputation among the finest silks in the globe. The beauty and elegance of Thai silk has long been associated with the earth's major fashion houses and catwalks. However, many do not realize that this world famous fabric is also probably the most durable fibers with a tensile strength more than steel for the same size filament.

This implies that a silk garment, with care, will last you an entire life and easily become some sort of treasured family heirloom. Silk is an amazing fabric as possible used all-year-round. In cooler weather top quality genuine silk will become warm to wear as it prevents body heat from dispersing but too, when used for light-weight garments like lingerie, it is very cool fabric since the fine fiber permits air to feed the material. You can browse through for gaining more relevant information.

These unique qualities regarding silk are enhanced once the fabric is handmade making use of traditional hand looms. Handmade silk reflects the emotions and skills from the weavers as they create their own fabric works of build art

Handmade silk by their very nature has skin problems that large factory made silk does not have. These imperfections only enhance the romance and attraction of these superb fabrics and distinguish them through the near perfect mass produced fabric.

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