Things not to do in a Hostel

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In a hostel, you are staying with many other guests. So, there are a few things that you cannot do to cause inconvenience to other people. Just like you want to have a happy stay, others are also looking for the same. So, be a good guest and check out the things not to do in a hostel. 

Hog the Bathroom – Bathroom facilities are shared in a hostel. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are not taking too much time and inconveniencing others. However, if you do like to take a little time, use the bathroom when there is no rush like really early in the morning or the afternoon. 

Uncleanliness – Nobody likes to stay with unclean people. So make sure you leave the bathroom clean and your bed space is also clean and tidy.   

Get in People’s Personal Space – You have to be mindful of people’s personal space, you might make a few friends and acquaintances but know when you are invading their privacy. Don't start conversations at inopportune times. Let people be. Over familiarity is also not a good thing. You have to have judgment when a situation is not safe for you or anyone else. 

Smoking & Intoxication – Don’t smoke in places where you might be bothering someone. There are separate smoking areas where you can smoke in peace. Also, avoid being intoxicated in public. When you are drunk, your judgment is hampered and it can lead to some untoward incidents. 

Follow these rules like cardinal rules and you will have a great time and so will the others around you. Canggu hostels in Bali have good guests like you with whom you would like to stay. 

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