Things that Makes Staying in Hostel Great

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When you’re on a budget but prefer to travel the world, then staying in a hostel makes sense. Hostels are known to be the second home away from home and that is why the popularity of hostels is gaining more popularity than the likes of luxury hotels. If you’re wondering what makes a hostel way better than a hotel, then these are a few things that make it worth-while.

  • Comfortable and Pleasant Common Areas –As mentioned, hostels allow us to save money tremendously. But there’s more to than just saving money. Hostels have common areas or rooms allowing people to gather around and greet one another. The environment is cozy and you get to learn about other travelers.
  • Fun yet Educated Staff – Hostels are known to have friendly staffs. If you happen to stay in one, try talking to them. A small conversation such as Hello, what is your name? can turn into inviting them to your country. The staff is also known to be well educated in terms of telling you about various popular sights to look around.
  • Clean and Functional Bathrooms – Many first-timers get skeptical and sometimes drop-off the idea of staying in hostels. Sharing bathrooms is the reason behind this. However, many hostels provide clean and functional bathrooms that even travelers don’t mind sharing one.
  • Well Located – Similar to hotels, even hostels are now located in areas allowing you to enjoy a lunch or dinner at a restaurant, go to local bars, or even public transport. All these facilities are easily reachable from the hostel you’re going to stay.

Best party hostels in Thailand are becoming super-popular amongst travelers and many backpackers too.

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