Things To Know About Social Anxiety

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Social anxiety disorder is a psychological condition in which the person experiences an overwhelming fear of circumstances or events requiring social interaction or performance in front of other people. 

The condition can become immobilizing if it worsens or continues to occur during more days than not for periods longer than six months without any reasonable explanation.An individual suffering from this disorder may fear social events and as a result, may become home-bound.

Causes of social anxiety

Social anxiety is believed to be caused by two general factors: biological factors and psychological factors. Biological factors include abnormal levels of particular brain chemicals in the brain, abnormal brain activities in response to social situations, and genetics. You can prefer to visit to get more information about social anxiety.



On the other hand, psychological factors that are tied with social anxiety include negative interpretations and beliefs regarding social situations, having a greater tendency to behave anxiously, history of negative social experiences, and the ability to pay close attention to socially threatening people and events.

Treatment For Social Anxiety

The two treatments for social anxiety used most often are medications and psychotherapy. Psychotherapy offers several different forms of therapy and is also known as psychological counseling.

The most common form of therapy for anxiety patients is cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on your thoughts controlling how you feel and behave in situations, not the situation itself controlling how you feel. On the other hand, medications are prescribed by doctors to the patient who is suffering from social anxiety.


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