Three Tips for How To Start a Small House Cleaning Business

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For someone who is about to start a cleaning business, that's a scary picture. Seems every person in your area with a knack for keeping a place clean has decided to take their show on the road.

We scrutinized advertisements, client comments, and various niches that maid services have taken to get cleaning contracts, and have come up with three tips that can help you get started.

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1. Choose a strategy for marketing and get your name out there.

Sounds obvious, we know, but there are ways that work and ways that don't. You can visit to know more about cleaning services.

What we advocate for the beginning house cleaner is a direct marketing tactic that takes little money but a significant amount of time. Cleaning flyers.

2. Put a face on your operation.

Out of all the most highly rated cleaning businesses we found on the internet, at least one third had a business name that included the first name of the person doing the cleaning.

What this shows us is that the small house cleaning business thrives on personality. If you can't deal with obnoxious dogs, screaming children, or troublesome clients while wearing a smile and jovial attitude, you'll miss out on word-of-mouth contracts and repeat customers.

3. Niche Cleaning Businesses Thrive on Promotions.

There's an advantage to starting a specific type of cleaning service, whether it's foreclosure cleanup, business cleaning, a restaurant cleaning business, or a window cleaning service – you've enabled an opportunity to offer promotions that aren't economical or wise from the perspective of someone running a simple home cleaning business.


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