Tips for Starting a Career in Digital Transcription

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Do you want a career in digital transcription? First, make sure you have basic skills for a transcriptionist. Since most jobs in digital transcription are paid on production and/or have tight turnaround requirements, the necessary skills will be essential for productivity.

Second, make sure you have a good educational foundation. Without the appropriate education in your chosen transcription specialty, it will be difficult to land the essential first job. What comes first – the chicken or the egg? The job or the experience? There you have it – the conundrum of the modern working world! If you get a good education, getting a job isn’t as hard as it will be if you don’t.

Should you pay to work?

Don’t confuse being asked to purchase equipment with being asked to pay to work. Each employer may have different equipment requirements, although once you have obtained the essentials, you’ll find that you already have what you need for most jobs. However, they should not require that you purchase it from them. It should be available from other sources. If they sell it at a discount – great, no problem. But do your homework and make sure you can’t get it somewhere else for approximately the same price.

Otherwise, you shouldn’t be required to pay to work. If you are in an apprenticeship or internship (where you are paid less than someone with experience), make sure it’s a legitimate one and that there are specific goals of performance or time that will result in the end of the internship or apprenticeship and lead to full employment in the field of digital transcription.

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