Tips on caring for your table covers

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Like all other furniture and their accessories, table and table-cloth play a vital role in decorating your room along with being a useful stuff in a household. The right kind of table covers can change the whole appearance of your room and add elegance to it. People generally have more than one piece of table cover for their tables, so that it can be changed on the various occasions and seasons. The table cloth that adds elegance to your room should be taken proper care of if it is needed to be used again and again.

Here’s how to care for your table covers:

A few general instructions or tips can help you in caring for the table clothes you use daily. Here follows some for your help:

It is advisable to wash the table linens as soon as it catches any stain.

The fabric of the cloth should be noticed before treating them with any washing power or bleach.

White colored table linens can be bleached, but of course make sure you have read the instructions given on the bottle.

Make sure whether warm or cold water is needed to wash the table clothes according to the fabric.

For drying your table cloth doesn't put it under direct sunlight, otherwise, the color will get faded away.

Be very careful while ironing.

Storing table covers:

It is equally important to store the table covers in the right way as you will need them at certain times. It is best to roll those linens in a cardboard tube and place them somewhere in your cupboard that doesn't create a crease on it.


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