Tips On Choosing A Planter Grow Bag

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Fabric pots work as the best planter grow bags for many reasons. The first thing that makes them different from plastic containers is that, when you have a plastic pot, the roots actually grow around the corners, they start coiling in search of water and nutrients. No extra roots form but the same ones coil up and what happens is that they form a large ball.

With the fabric container, roots grow differently. Firstly, plants and their roots get sufficient supply of air due to the breathability of fabric. Secondly, a process called air pruning nourishes these roots throughout their growth. This ensures they always have access to sufficient moisture. This paves way for new roots to form and the process becomes endless.

So you end up with a massive ball of roots that absorb enough nutrients and water which shoots up to give you better yields. You get more fruits, vegetables or flowers depending upon what you may be growing. So that is perhaps why the planter grow bag has become so popular.

When shopping for a fabric grow bag, you might be interested in using a thicker fabric and that thicker fabric really helps with durability and lifespan. Now a lot of people whether that means it's going to get in the way of breathability. The best way to test it is actually to breathe through it yourself so you actually can pick it up, breathe through it and see if you can still feel the aeration happening.

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