Tips on Paddle Boarding for Beginners during their Visit to Fiji

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Thanks to vast number of islands, Fiji is known to offer some of the best spots for water-sport activity such as paddle boarding. Paddle boarding is a sport many enthusiasts love doing even during their vacation. However, if you’re a beginner and wish to try it out, you definitely can. Just follow these simple tips.

  1. Look at the Sky – By sky, it is important to consider the weather. Bad weather is known to cause strong winds making it unsafe and difficult to do this activity. So, before you head out of your hotel or resort, make sure to keep yourself updated on the weather.
  2. Wear the Right Gear – Paddle boarding is a water-sport activity therefore, you cannot enjoy without wearing the right outfit. For instance; jeans or thick clothes is a no-no. Correct swimwear will not only allow you to enjoy the sport but also easier while paddling. Additionally, you must bring a camera to click a few memorable pics.
  3. Get your Basics Straight – As a beginner, before you head straight to the waters, paddle boarding has some basics one should know about. Basic principles such as direction paddling and balancing are some of the first things you should learn.
  4. No Exertion – Paddle boarding is a water sport that will test your physicality. Therefore, as a beginner, save the energy and do this activity for an hour maximum.
  5. Hire Place – There are stores in Fiji that offer paddle boards on rent basis. The rates are not expensive and you can easily afford to rent one.

Fiji is definitely the perfect private island getaway to try out paddle boarding along with many other water-sport activities.

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