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In today's world, skin care plays a big role. Many people use different types of skin care products in their daily life. As we all know, skin care is a set of practices that help keep the skin intact, improve its appearance, and relieve skin conditions.

There are different types of skin care practices such as acne care, dull skin, pore cleaning and many more. However, the most common skin problem is acne.  You can also choose best skin care clinic via

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According to the skin specialist 40 to 50 million people suffer from acne each year. While many associate acne starts within adolescence. Acne generally can appear at any age and its causes are heredity, hormones, menstruation, diet, emotional stress, and pollution. Individuals with inflamed acne should be exfoliated carefully as this technaque can worsen the condition and should see a dermatologist before treatment.

 Tanning is also a major skin problem, especially in summers. So sun protection is an important aspect of skin care. Sunscreen can protect the skin from harmful sun rays ; Sunscreen should be applied at least 15 minutes before exposure and reapplied every four to six hours.

The sun protection product should be applied to all areas of the skin exposed to the sun and a minimum of 25 ml should be applied to the face, neck and arms to ensure complete coverage. Many tinted moisturizers, foundations, facial oils, and primers already contain some form of SPF. Sunscreen is the best protected tanning product.

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