Top Three Types of Juicers

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There exist many types of juicer in the market. This has made it hard for purchasers to make a choice on the best type of juice machine to acquire. Below find the top most three juicer types you can buy that guarantees you best performance.

Masticating juicers

The machine grinds and crushes fruits and vegetables. The juicer separates the juice from the fruit and vegetable residuals due to its separate inbuilt containers. The machines have a longer life span and longer guaranty period. They also make pastas and sauces, nut batter, baby food etc. The machine retains the nutrition state of the fruits, and vegetables due to their slow operating speed that enables them retain nutrients in the juice making juice healthy.  

Centrifugal juicers

They are the most commonly used juicers; this is because they are easy to operate as well as easy to clean and less expensive. They have a bigger mouth thus one do not need to cut fruits into very small pieces before putting into the machine. The juicer produces the juice by pushing down the fruits or vegetables into the fast spinning container. The juice then later separated from the fruit by centrifugal force into the cup or container. The machine allows more juice extraction from the fruit or vegetable. The juice can be stored for almost 48 hours without losing nutritional value and its initial state.

Twin gear juicers

The machine also referred to as the triturating juicers. It is much slower than the masticating juicer making them produce healthy juice by retaining most nutrients. Juice production occurs when two interlocking rod gears grind the fruits or vegetables. When the juice is stored well, nutrients in the juice take more than 72 hours. Other than juice making, twin gear juicer can also make nut butter.

If you were wondering what is the best juicer to buy, now you have the three best options to choose.

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