Types of Natural Supplements

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There are various  types of natural supplements which make it simple  to find the correct supplement or combination of nutritional supplements that can help to maintain good health and even help to cure  some health conditions. But it's essential to know the different types of supplements and their purposes so that you make sensible choices for your particular nutritional needs. Here is a basic list of the various types  of dietary supplements available.


While many people may think that all supplements are just vitamins, that is not the case. Technically, vitamins are only one category of supplements, although the most important. There are 13 important vitamins that are essential for the body to function properly. Some are fat soluble and others are water soluble. Some are synthesized in the body through foods, and a vitamin such as vitamin D, is naturally triggered in the body through sunlight.


Mineral nutrients are supplements that are found in two basic categories: macro minerals and trace minerals. Macro minerals, such as calcium, are basically important in promoting bone strength, but should be accompanied by vitamin D and other minerals, such as boron, to insure proper absorption.You can get to know about Raw Supplements here.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are a third category of natural supplements that are not in themselves vital to the body in the same way as are vitamins and minerals. However, many herbs offer inherently high medicinal and nutritional value. Some of these plant-based supplements are highly effective for various health conditions and are often used as natural remedies. 

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