Various Types of Contact Lenses That Are Available

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The choice to wear contact lenses to correct your vision is a great idea. However, it is important to stress because of the individuality of the eye not all contact lenses will suit your particular needs. Your optician or specialist will help you make the right choice of contact lenses for your needs because he has access to all information concerning all the different contact lens brands that are available.

You can also by these contact lenses online from sites like Contact lenses can be distinguished by several factors, namely the material they are made from, how long they can be worn for, transparency and the purposes for which they are designed.

The material which contacts are made from is a differentiator. There are two distinct groups of contact lenses, being either hard or soft. Soft lenses are first distinguished by the fact that they are permeable to a degree of gas and secondly by their water content. The water content in soft contact lenses varies from 50% or more, or less than 50%. Hard contact lenses are gas permeable and are made from strong durable materials.

The length of time that the lenses remain comfortable to wear depends on what variety they are. For example, rigid contact lenses have a very long life and can last anywhere from six months to several years. However, for soft contact lenses there is a specific period of time in which they must be replaced and these vary between daily, fortnightly or monthly.

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