Wear Protective Eye-Wear While You Work

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Our sense organs allow us to experience and to be aware of our world. It goes without saying that shielding your eyes is among the most essential things you can do in your life.

More than a million eye injuries occur every day at work; along with an estimated 1.1 to 2.4 million eye injuries happen annually with 42,000 necessitating hospitalization. You can navigate to this website to get eyeglasses.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says about 2,000 employees in the U.S. accepts job associated injuries that occur daily which need medical therapy.

More eye accidents happen at home on account of this abuse of garden tools and equipment, household goods or tools in the workshop, together with forty percent of those accidents going on in the lawn or garden.


The fantastic thing is that only just taking precautions and using protective eyewear could protect against ninety percent of eye injuries.

The debris and dust from using the weed eater will just irritate my eyes and a few times there have been rocks or sticks that have hit me in the head, very close to my eyes.

Now, as I'm getting older, I'm realizing more the value of wearing protective eyewear as I work out. These few close calls were a wake-up call to be smart and protect my sense of vision.

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