What a Corporate Lawyer Can Do For You

  • October 12, 2016
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What are the Various Tasks

Corporate Lawyers in Toronto are Responsible for?

A corporate lawyer has to work on many different tasks and take on varied responsibilities for companies operating in different industries. If you are running a company or planning to start one then using services of a corporate lawyer can prove to be very useful and help you operate your business in a much better way. As such, in the following sections we will go through some of the responsibilities corporate lawyers are entrusted with.

corporate lawyer TorontoWhat are the tasks performed by a corporate lawyer?

  • Proper Structuring: A corporate lawyer Toronto has to work on proper structuring of corporate committees and board of directors.
  • Examining Legal Documents: Drafting as well as examining different legal documents (such as codes, contracts and policies) related to matters of compliance, governance and disclosures.
  • Implement Governance Practices: Development as well as implementation of best practices for governance of a company.
  • Review Organizational Plans: Review and analysis of company's plans and activities with respect to pertinent regulations, laws and contracts.
  • Overseeing Meetings: Constitution and oversight of special and annual directors meeting as well as shareholders meetings.
  • Provide Necessary Advice: Advising directors, officers, sub committees or board of directors about conflict of interests, fiduciary responsibilities and takeover strategies. They also work on managing activities such as corporate compliance and similar other related risks.
  • Avoiding Lawsuits: Institute as well as manage suitable corporate governance practices to ensure that your organization does not have to face lawsuits or other corporate challenges.
  • Meeting Restructuring Needs: Establishment as well as restructuring of partnerships, joint ventures and also co-ownership structures.
  • Create Different Agreements: Management of complex supply agreements and commercial agreements.
  • Manage Financial Transactions: Taking care of financial transactions, trade finances, asset based lending, debt financing, credit arrangements for warehouse facilities, managing subordinated debt arrangements, and equipment financing.
  • Safeguard Brand Identity: Implementing strategies for brand protection, product recalls, anti spam actions, and French language law applicability for organizations offering retail operations.
  • Prepare Procurement Documents: Assist your company with preparation of requests for proposals and other types of procurement documents. A corporate lawyer Toronto also resolves bid protests as well as other disputes by way of proper litigation and negotiations. Corporate lawyers also provide advice on various litigation avoidance strategies as well as on how to properly utilize other dispute resolution methods.
  • Suggest Strategies to Manufacturers: Corporate lawyers can also advice manufacturers on various international trade issues, regulatory compliance and tax implications of multi jurisdictional trading. Lawyers also take care of other aspects such as risk management and providing suggestions on complex topic of diversification and acquisitions.
  • Handle Mergers and Acquisitions: A corporate lawyer Toronto also works on transfer of assets or shares, acquisitions and mergers implemented through take over bids, take over defenses and amalgamations.

A Final Note

Thus, to conclude we can say that a corporate lawyer plays a vital role in successful functioning of a business concern and ensures that the firm does not make any mistakes which can have negative legal implications.

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