What Are The Reasons For The Popularity Of Plastic Pallets?

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Although plastic pallets are very popular among people involved in supply chain management and logistics, there are entrepreneurs who are still in the dark about the benefits they offer.

Wood pallets have almost lost their market lately due to several weaknesses. Along with the plastic pallets nowadays tailor made pallets are in limelight, as these pallets are designed according to the requirement of a business.

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For those who are looking to switch from wood to plastic, the information shared below will serve as the knowledge needed to make a decision.

Types of plastic pallets

The types of pallets used in storage and transportation can be classified into categories depending on the type:

  • Material: On the basis of materials, it can be classified into HDPE pallets made of High-Density Polyethylene and PP pallets made of Polypropylene. Apart from these two types, there are recycled plastic pallets made of used plastic involving HDPE and PP.
  • Applications: Plastic drum pallets, spill control, food-grade, hygienic, anti-static, heavy-duty, medium and lightweight are classifications according to application.

Advantages of plastic pallets

There are several benefits offered by plastic pallets which make it the most preferred choice for businesses in all industrial verticals.

  • 10 times more durable than wood pallets, therefore more economical
  • Environmentally friendly because it can be recycled so as to reduce environmental waste
  • It is much lighter in weight, reducing transportation costs
  • It has smooth finishes and designs without nails or splinters that eliminate the risk of injury.
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