What Components Should EDI Software Have

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Since EDI became popular, it has been for years and so far, there have been many EDI Software packages that allow companies to use EDI easily. In EDI Software there are several components that are very important for the success of edi software solutions in organizations.

In this article, I will focus on some of the key components that every EDI software package must have to offer positive user experience and actually be used by the company's EDI Administrator or one of the company's advanced users responsible for EDI Transactions, sending and receiving and the whole process involved in it.

  • Mapping
  • Translation
  • Validation
  • Export-Import
  • Reporting
  • The document turned around

EDI Mapping

When we talk about EDI Mapping we are talking about pointing to different elements in the EDI file as data sources and setting the destination objects accordingly. The destination object can be a field in a text file, a column in an Excel file or whatever file structure you choose to use.

EDI translation

EDI Translation is an option to read one value and set another value as a result of some of the translation settings that we use during software installation or later. For example, a user can decide that every time he sees a Qualification ID 08 and then a Qualification value then he wants to set the Qualification value as a DUNS number.

EDI Validation

EDI validation is the process of ensuring that all data in an EDI file is correct, sitting in the appropriate location, that no mandatory elements are missing and elements that are from a list of possible values for a particular dictionary id, are correct. File in the right format and follow the Version guidelines and EDI standards.

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