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No matter how good and well-intentioned your establishment is, if you are selling alcohol in it there is still a risk of the establishment getting cited by Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code violation. This can be incredibly devastating for bar and restaurant owners, especially if you consider your establishment to be the source of your livelihood. Not only being cited can cost you a lot of money, the fallout of the actions taken by the TABC can be incredibly devastating as well. In that case, the best thing you can do is to hire reliable attorneys specializing in liquor law to help you handle the case and defend you in the court. texas liquor law attorney


If you are getting cited with TABC violation, you do not want to hire a green lawyer with minimum experience of dealing with liquor laws in particular. No, what you would want to find is ideally an attorney specializing in liquor laws who also has years of experience in representing those facing a TABC violation, no matter the type of violation is. And there are indeed quite a few types of TABC violation that you could get cited with. If your establishment already has a TABC permit that allows you to sell alcohol in your premise, there are still risks of you getting cited for selling alcohol to minors or selling it those who are already intoxicated, selling alcohol during the legal selling hours, or allowing illegal activities to occur in your establishment. If you do get cited, however, do not panic and try to get ahold of a liquor lawyer as soon as possible so you can get a legal counsel of how to best proceed with your case; a trustworthy attorney will always put your interests first and this is what is that all about when it comes to someone with trust. texas liquor law attorney

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