What You Can Do While Your Laptop AC Adapter Stopped Working?

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Like all electronic devices, notebook adapters end up cease to work. There are many causes of exposure to extreme temperatures, excessive flexion of wire, or simply that it is the aging adapter. Unfortunately, there is no time of the time that adapters can last. 

Their life is based on how much they are used. Below, I will list several ways to verify that your adapter has already stopped working.

Check your laptop

Your laptop adapter may not be powered by your laptop due to the loose connector. Make sure all connectors are correctly inserted. You can even buy the best flash programming tool via https://www.elprotronic.com/collections/arm.

Check the adapter box also. Laptop adapters generally have a LED light that lights up when the adapter feeds the notebook. If the light is off, your laptop must not receive power.

Once you have already checked all connectors in your adapter, see the electrical outlet. The problem may simply be that the power outlet you are connected to no longer works. Change sockets to solve this problem. 

Check the adapter

A folded cable could be the culprit of the malfunctioning power adapter. Think about this like a garden hose. And if you bend or pinch a garden hose when it is running, water can not leave the pipe. An AC adapter will work in a similar way.

Make sure nothing rests on the power cable like a notebook bag, a book, or anything else that can pinch your adapter cable. If nothing can bend the cable, check the cable itself. So, the constant flexion of storing the adapter can expose the wires in the cable. This exhibition can stop it from running properly.

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