When Eating Becomes a Disorder

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Eating disorders are very common in today's generation. It is mostly seen among children and teenagers. Excessive food intake or inadequate food intake leads to a food disorder or disturbances.

It damages human health internally as well as externally. These days processed foods and all those packaged stuff sell like hot buns. No doubt they are very tasty and delicious, but it contains a high amount of sugar, Tran's fat, monosaturated fats, bad cholesterol which is very harmful to health.  

There are many eating disorder treatment centers are available in the marketplace. But in ninety-nine percent of the case when people start eating all these processed foods they automatically carve for more and more.

We all are surrounded by extremely tempting and delicious fried foods, but we need to control but instead of controlling it people go for satisfying their taste buds by overeating those oily fried foods.

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This leads to an eating disorder. It has dangerous side effects on our health. There is one more thing; eating disorders commonly coexist with other conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, mood swinging, stress and all.

Eating disorders are complex disorders. There are three types of eating disorders:

Anorexia nervosa disorder- In this people eats insufficiently and in an inadequate manner due to fear of weight gain. The risk of death is highest in this case.

Bulimia nervosa disorder- In this case, people assume that they might gain weight, they are very unhappy about their shape and size; it can also be followed by excessive forced vomiting.

Binge eating disorder- this is the most common case in the present scenario, people usually lose their control while eating.

Eating disorders lead to constant weight fluctuations (overeating or chronic dieting). It also leads to depression. Many times emotional changes are witnessed in a person who can lead to isolation.

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