When To Get A Dental Filling

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When someone has a toothache, the answer is not always the extraction. There are many ways to treat toothache resulting in the ability to maintain natural teeth.

The dentist should always first think about how to save the tooth. You can also consult a dentist near you for tooth cavity filling via westoverdentistry.net/dental-care/tooth-cavity-filling

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Do not go for cavity filling if you think there is an abscess in the tooth. The signs of abscess are:

• Swelling of your face

• There was gum near the roots of teeth

• You tooth persistent pain

• Your tooth hurts when you touch

An abscess occurs when bacteria from decayed teeth begin to infect the tooth from inside. If you cover the abscess with filling material, it will make the problem worse.

Decay is deep enough for the nerve to feel the temperature variations, but not close enough for the nerve to be infected. So there is no abscess. You can save a tooth with a cavity filling as soon as possible.

What Does A Filling Do?

A filling can help a person in three ways:

1. Stop food, air, and water enter the cavity. This will stop a lot of discomfort and pain.

2. Stop decay from growing deeper. This can prevent tooth abscess.

3. This can save a tooth or several teeth, so people can use it for many years.

An experienced dentist can shape a cavity with a drill so that it can hold filling material better. Cement fillings are temporary.

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