Why Floyd Mayweather Deserves Credit if he Defeats Conor McGregor

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50 win club will have Floyd Mayweather if he wins the fight against the UFC star Conor McGregor in the biggest combat sports related event of the year as we arrive on August 26.

If you ever hear any news about Mayweather vs McGregor, you will never deny that you’re aware of the happenings and criticisms that made this event possible.

Most of the known boxing analyst, MMA, and UFC fan, and existing Floyd Mayweather critics – appeared in all forms whether in a fan, fight, promoter or whomever, voiced their unhappiness because of the fight, and the notion for Mayweather adding another win for him, to enter the 50 win club.

"He doesn't merit (the 50-0) record since he's not battling a warrior," Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum revealed to TMZ Sports about the 49-0 Mayweather.

"He's not battling a genuine boxer. McGregor is a decent MMA fellow, yet it's an alternate game. It's not a battle, for Christ's purpose. Also, after three weeks, De La Hoya's doing one serious battle, (Gennady) Golovkin and (Canelo) Alvarez. That is a decent battle."

Brilliant Boy Promoter De La Hoya resounded comparative assumptions, however, don't be tricked by these two. In the event that managed the open door, they would seize the opportunity to pit any of their warriors against McGregor. A simple issue is an interest for whatever coordinate they can evoke isn't there.

Mayweather connect.

Win No. 50 holds importance since it breaks the tie Mayweather has with incredible heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano.

Albeit Mexican Great Julio Caser Chavez Sr. since a long time ago outperformed the check amid his profession, the 49-0 record holds incredible hugeness for reasons unknown.

What are your considerations about Sugar Ray Leonard and Joe Louis?

This inquiry is postured in light of the fact that in the event that we break down their vocations, we will discover occasions when these incredible warriors confronted adversaries with either zero involvement or zero odds of winning.

Leonard shielded his welterweight title against a contender (with encounter) however a junk jockey was.

45 battles into his vocation, Duran battled Jose Vasquez 4-0 and directly after next confronted Adalberto Vanegas 2-0-1. For Duran's 48th battle he confronted 1-4 Andres Salgado.

Duran would then go ahead to battle folks like Ezequiel Obando, Pepe El Toro, Bernando Diaz, Alirio Acuna and they all had under six battles each. Some of these warriors were winless.

Remember this is a prime Roberto Duran. I comprehend the idea of tune-up battles and battles to keep occupied however in the event that the criteria apply.

The "Brown Bomber" Joe Louis had the "Bum of the month." In the traverse of 29 months starting January 1939 through May 1941, Louis guarded his title thirteen times. 

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