Why Islands are a Good Place to Vacation?

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Bedarra Island, located almost exactly midway between Cairns and Townsville, is one of the islands discovered by Captain Cook, the sailor who discovered Australia. He found the islands to bear a resemblance to each other, so, he called them the ‘Family Group of Islands’. These islands are situated a little far away from the mainland, so, they do not have a lot of crowds. The Bedarra Island of the family is a place known for quiet vacations. It is home to many resort and retreats.


Features of an Island Vacation

Beaches – Bedarra Island, especially the Eastern part of it, has some wonderful coral beaches. They have white sand and make the waters look bluer.

Solitude – Places like Bedarra Island also do not have crowds, leaving tourists to enjoy their vacation in peace.

Weather – During the winter season, Bedarra Island has a temperature that hovers in between 23 degrees to 30 degrees, making it quite pleasant for a day out on the beach.

Watersports – Just like most islands, Bedarra Island too has multiple options for water sport activities. From mild to adrenalin pumping, tourists can choose what excites them most.

Great Barrier Reef – This is a feature unique to Bedarra Island and other surrounding islands. The protected Great Barrier Reef is a just a few kilometres away, and tourists can kayak there.

Therefore, for a good island vacation in this part of the world, do check out Bedarra Island Resort in Australia.  

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