Why Should You Have Herbal Tea Rather Than a Coffee?

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Do you plan to switch from coffee to herbal tea but wonder if it will be a viable choice or not? Here we've outlined some considerable points that will convince you to take that step with confidence and with confidence:

The majority of teams don't cause stains on your teeth. For example, if you have the best 'Organic herbal tea' (which is called Tisane bio in the French language), you don't have to worry about your teeth getting stained or discolored. Some varieties also contain natural fluoride and antioxidants which provide tooth protection against cavities. Other drinks cannot claim to provide such benefits.

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Tea is a far more economical choice than coffee. This obviously makes one cup of tea cheaper than coffee. In addition, you can use used leaves as fertilizer or mulch which is very effective for your vegetable or flower garden.

If you want to get the best taste from coffee, you have to grind the beans yourself at home before brewing those that need a grinder. Again, coffee machines must be used, especially those that have disposable filters. On the contrary, such preparation is not required for tea leaves. You also don't need expensive tools or wasteful filters. 

You can use the coffee filter only once after which you have to get rid of it. But the same rules do not apply to other drinks. In fact, there is more involvement on the part of tea companies with trade processes and projects that are fair, organic and environmentally friendly.

Again, particles, organic acids, volatile organic compounds, and some gas pollutants are released into the atmosphere during the coffee roasting process. Tea can be prepared and oxidized in different ways so you can have different tastes. Such varieties cannot be found in coffee through it can also be made from various types of beans.

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