Why Take Care Of Egyptian Mau

  • July 24, 2019
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Being a cat person is surely one of the best thing you will ever be. There is no reason to even hate cats at all. They are so cute, adorable, funny and smart. Though, sometimes they can really be a bit obsessed of their personal space but when they are in the mood for petting, they literally are the sweetest ball of fur ever. But if you want something unique and feisty for a pet, then go choose from those various Egyptian Mau kittens for sale.

These cats are really striking and quite imposing compared to any other breed there is. It could be because of their appearance that somehow looks like a miniature of a cheetah that makes them have that vibe. Or it may also be due to the image these cats had during the ancient times in Egypt.

They were practically given the special treatment back then. They also have this impressive ability as they can run as much as thirty miles per hour. This particular breed has been said to be the fastest cat to run ever. This is mainly due to their hind structures that fully supports that ability of them.

Taking care of them can be quite an adventure simply because they are not lazy in general. If anything Maus are really athletic. They do love climbing a lot and chasing toys which you thought are only applicable for dogs. Well, these breed loves play time so much that they would start climbing on your shoulders every time they need attention.

Cats are exceptionally smart but Egyptian Mau is on a whole new level. They learn tricks way too easy and they sure could pick up details in a snap. Well, these tiny ones has a keen observing skills. You would be delighted to see them open up your drawers on their own and get their treats and toys out from it.

Even with their athletic nature, they really are best suited at home. Making them as home pets and genuinely loving them is what they need. Besides, it can be too harmful for them to stay out without supervision. This especially if there are cars running around the area every now and then.

Now, when it comes to their grooming you do not have to go through things too much because their coats are medium length only. Though, the color of their fur would usually have lots to say about the quality of their hair so keeping it intact would vary that way.

Anyway, just make sure to brush their coat weekly so it remains healthy and you get rid of those shredding that makes their fur look dirty. This is as well one way to keep the tangles from occurring because it somehow damages their coat big time and you sure would not appreciate that.

All in all, even with their intimidating appearance, these cats are just like the rest. They do have the affectionate nature and would totally want the attention of their owners all on them. Make sure to let them feel loved and valued because cats may not be as showy as dogs, they still crave for such treatments.

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