Why You Should Get Your Dog Microchipped

  • September 8, 2016
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Many people don't concern about their dogs getting lost. They only worry about whether their dogs have the most nutrients from the best dog food for pitbulls, and whether the pups dirty the house or not. However, dogs do get lost, and it happens every day. So it just might happen to you, who knows what might come? 

All the more serious, dogs can not navigate the dangers around them. They probably don't understand that their territory is limited in the fences, and there are bad guys out there that may take them away for bad business. 

Then, what can you do to keep your dog safe? By using tags and microchips, dogs that are accidentally get lost can get home safe. There are many people who get the collar off the dog for no reason at all, they don't like the sight of it, or the collar may make sounds that they find annoying. There are also owners that after a bath for the dog, they are too busy with feeding the dog the best dry dog food for german shepherds and totally forget about the tagged collars. I hope you don't fall into these categories of owners because your dog should always wear a collar with an updated tag. If you are even more careful, you can choose the option of microchipping your dog, which means the experts will insert a microchip under the dog skin, which can help identify the pet should he is out of your sight. The chip is tiny and takes about three or four seconds to be put in. As small as it is, this is a wonderful device in case your dog gets lost, because any vet or dog shelter have machines to scan these chips. With only about 20 dollars to 75 dollars, you can get your dog microchipped, and the cost is even lower at the shelter dog house.

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