Winter Costume Ideas for Your Next Party

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Most of us are preparing to rug up for the winter season and the thought of coming out into the cold to attend a costume or fancy dress party is a little intimidating. We all want to look remarkable for our next party, without losing the ease factor. This article will give the reader ideas on costumes which will not only have them looking eccentric and at the same time the ability to stay warm, so they can like the night's festivities.

Costume themes: Medieval, Horror, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Disney Princesses, Christmas, Twilight, Uniform, Animals, Religious just to name a few. Numerous of the costumes mentioned in this article are either long sleeved or may have layers which will assist the wearer in keeping warm. You can also get amazing 1920s fancy costumes via various websites.

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Female Costume Ideas:

- Jester, medieval maiden, Queen, nun – Medieval 

- Wizard, witch, Morticia, Lily Munster, Wednesday Addams, devil, vampiress, Wicked Queen – Horror 

- Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine – Disney princesses 

- Star Trek, Star Wars Characters, Space Odyssey – Sci Fi 

- Mrs Clause, Santa's helper, reindeer, snowman – Christmas 

- Vampiress, werewolf – Twilight 

- Army, naval, air force, fireperson, police person – Uniform 

- Koala Bear, panda, crocodile, cow, horse, rabbit, dog, cat – Animals 

- Nun – Religious

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