Your Child Shouldnt Be Sucking Their Thumb

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While thumb sucking is normal for babies and toddlers, it can lead to teething problems along the way. If your child is four years of age or older and still sucks their thumbs, consider a thumb suction guard or another type of thumb suction device like tguard finger guard. You can check the tguard finger guard reviews on the internet.

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There are several reasons for this, including some thumb sucking health problems, as well as other cosmetic problems that can be limited with these deterrents. 

We will discuss when you may want to interfere with your baby's finger-sucking habits, what thumb suckers are available, and the benefits of preventing your child from sucking their thumb. Most of these devices make the whole process painless and your child can be weaned easily.

When will my child stop sucking his thumb?

Most babies (about 95%) suck their thumb out of reflex. But after two years of age, this usually becomes more of a habit than a reflex. After two or three years of age, about 10% of children continue to suck their thumbs, and about 5% do after the age of four or five.

However, if your child is in the last area and is still sucking their thumb, the American Dental Association strongly recommends preventing this behavior. Four years is usually the best time to get your baby to stop feeding on his thumb.

Four or five-year-olds are usually cut because this is where permanent teeth can come in. Sucking on the thumb after this point can cause dental problems that will require corrective action at a later date.

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